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Some of what's available on this site


-Information about writer and teacher Meredith Sue Willis

 Articles and Short pieces about Writing, Language, and Publishing

- Resources for writers

Here are some interesting Quotations  about Literature and Writing, mostly by writers.

- Samples of Meredith Sue Willis's writing online

- Meredith Sue Willis Manuscript Consultations
Online Classes
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- MSW activities
          fiction online
          nonfiction online

- An Excellent All-Around Resources for Writers: New Pages 

- MSW's Resources for writers

- Literature to Enjoy and Study

- MSW's popular free writing exercises

- A newsletter for Readers and Writers (Sign up for the email version here.)

- A page for kids

- A page for teens

Other Writers' web pages;

Obituaries and more about favorite writers and activists.

Recommended small presses and small press books

- Various interesting Blogs

- Recent reviews of MSW's books

- How to order MSW's books

- MSW's Blogspot blog

- Politerature: Blog about progressive political fiction

Bringing MSW  to your school or writing group

- MSW's resumé

- News and Information about MSW

- MSW's work online:   Fiction    Nonfiction

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Princeton Writing Center
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Blogs & Websites:

Politerature (with Shelley Ettinger)
MSW's Blogger Blog
MSW's Books for Readers Newsletter
Blogs by Others
MSW Personal Snapshots
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Blog Archives 1st half 2006
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MSW for Young People

Page for Kids
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The Secret Super Powers of Marco
Marco's Monster
Billie of Fish House Lane
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Re-Visions reviewed on Women Writers, Women's Books
Out of the Mountains reviewed on Good Reads.
Bucknell Magazine calls Re-Visions "highly original."
Review by Ed Davis of Re-visions in Gently Read Literature
Review of Out of the Mountains in The Georgia Review.
Review of Re-Visions by Alan Appel at Good Reads.



Poetry & More

Ingrid Hughes Poetry
Tool for Finding Poems
American Life in Poetry
Poetry Daily
Writers Almanac


Blogs and Other Information for and about Writers

Jessica Ong
The Compulsive Reader (blog of book reviews)
Smashwords Blog (independent e-book publishing)
Obituaries of Writers Mostly
Reading Red Blog-- Shelley Ettinger
Tricia Idrobo's Power of Story Blog
Maud Newton
Tayari Jones
Magdalena Ball
Lit mob
Lux Lotus
Books for Readers
Dory Adams: In this Light
John Birch's Storyboard
Lori Bryant-Wooridge
Brooklyn Parrots Blog!
Claudia Carlson
Debbie Carter's Denim Blog
Joy Castro
Sherry Chandler
Dandy Darkly-- Fabulous Horror
Barbara Riddle-Dvorak
Engaged Buddhists Blog
Fred First
Hanging Loose Press Blog
Lally's Alley (Michael Lally)
Save the Papers (Woody Lewis)
Jennifer Miller
Judy Moffett
National Book Critics Circle
Valerie Nieman
Cat Pleska 
Dee Rimbaud
Larissa Shmailo
Diane Simmons
Lynne Spigelmire Viti
Christopher Vera
David Weinberger
Lisa WIlliams


Writers' Websites:

How to get a cheap one:
Deedee Agee
Roberta Allen
Belinda Anderson
Pat Arnow
Magdalena Ball
Ellen Bass
Alison Bechdel
Laura Bentley
Susan Streeter Carpenter
Ed Davis
Norah Dooley
Barbara Crooker
Jane Ciabattari
Pamela Erens
Carol Emshwiller
Shelley Ettinger

Jane Hicks
Monique Raphel High
Tayari Jones
Nathan Leslie
Phillip Lopate
George Ella Lyon
Marie Manilla
Jeff Mann
Lee Maynard
Sara Miller
Judith Moffett
Ed Myers -- also see Ed's Blog "On Hyland Hill."
Margaret A. O'Brien
Hilton Obenzinger
Lance Olsen 
Chris Parker Poetry
Cat Pleska
Thaddeus Rutkowski
Adam Reid Sexton
Larissa Shmailo
Juanita Torrence-

Laura Thompson
Rhea Tregebov
Robert W. Walker
Crystal Wilkinson


FamilyOriented Websites

Reading and Traveling with Kids


Art, Music, Mixed Media, and More!

Jeremy Osner
Dory Adams: In this Light
Linda Adato

Tim Barnwell Appalachian Images
Alison Bechdel
Rachel Burgess
Charlie Cowger
Deep Listening
Gwen Fabricant
Molly Gilman
Marian Howard
Arthur Hughes
Alex Kato-Willis
Birgit Mazareth
Ann Olson
Dee Rimbaud
Dustin Rabin Photography
Rochelle Ratner
Kevin Scanlon
Peter Sciaino
Ryan "Ghost Dad Sciaino"
Lynda Schor
Duane Smith
Jean Strong
Slow Poke Comix
Tiny Tim Memorial Web Site
Ella Yang

More Links

Columbia U. 1968 Page
Nordic Walking
Weinberger Explains the Web

MSW's Favorites
Ethical Culture Society
Fiction Matters
Appalachian Audiobooks
Sam. Pepys Diary
Poetry Daily
Smashbooks Digital Books
Verse Daily
Poet of the Week from NC
World Wide Words

Writers Almanac


MSW E-books!

Meli's Way Ebook Cover ImageOradell at Sea Ebook Cover ImageLove Palace Ebook Cover ImageDwight's House Ebook Cover ImageHigher Ground Ebook Cover ImageOnly Great Changes Ebook Cover Image
Trespassers Ebook Cover ImageA Space Apart Ebook Cover ImageRe-Visions Ebook Cover ImageOut of the Mountains Ebook Cover ImageThe City Bulit of Starships Ebook Cover Image

(To buy any of these books as e-books, click on the image. They are also available at the Kindle Store and at the Nook Store as well as the iBook store and other e-book stores.)


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