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Website of Meredith Sue Willis

Please see more personal photos (in reverse
chronological order) at Flickr



Folks for Christmas Dinner








Lucille Willis (aged 93) and a downed tree in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.









The Wedding.....

(for more pictures than you could possibly want to see, go to my Flickr Photostream)


MSW & Andy before the wedding



Joel, Granny Lou, and Sarah                                 Walking Joel down the aisle...

Sarah and Joel under the chuppah



Joel and Sarah, married and so happy.....








From 1983: Singing at the Manhattan Theater Club:
"Close Harmonies from Appalachia:
MSW & Maggie Anderson


Andy & Ken Schreiber, New Year's, at Ken's

Joel and Sarah at Applebee's, Nassau County, just back from South Africa,
on their way to the next plane to California.





Labor Day at the lake: Jane NIckelsberg; Andy's sister Ellen; Andy's brother David; MSW; Andy's cousin John Nickelsberg; Andy





Andy biked Connecticut to Vermont 8-4-09





Andy at the lake, Memorial Day 2009





Spring 2009

     Adrienne Bolden and MSW at honoring for Howard GIlman                   MSW and Monique High at Barnard 40th reunion festivities 6-5-09



April 2009:
We visited the Weinbergs, Zakowskis, and Alex in Southern California!



                                                            MSW & Andy at the Ranch                                                                   



View at the Ranch                                                                                           Sarah feeding Joel a loquat



And Joel and Sarah Got Engaged!


Andy, MSW, Joel, Sarah, and Sarah's parents Jan and Phil Zakowski on Passover at Sarah's grandparents' ranch near Los Angeles



MSW March 2009                                                                      Author's Visit in Glen Rock, NJ









Lucille Willis wraps beautiful packages! Christmas 2008


Joel and Sarah show Lucille pictures of Israel




MSW & Taxi



Alex Kato Willis (Chrissie's son) visited and played the incredibly out-of-tune piano!










August 2008 Joel on Masada, on a camel, and an Israeli Feast



Joel on Masada

joel on a camel






joel and berkley tee

July fun: Andy after biking                                    Joel gearing up for graduate school


Front yard daylilies July



Mother's Group (The ones who had babies together in Brooklyn):
Maddy, Evelyn, MSW, Nancy, Jody






Left to right, Goro Kato, Christine Willis,
Sarah Zakowski, Joel Weinberger, Alex Kato-Willis, and in front, Lucille Willis



Joel and Alex Kato-Willis


Sarah, Joel, Lucille, Alex









Portrait of Taxicab, Pet Parakeet                                                                                         Prospect Street on 2-22-08                  







Christmas 2007: Lucille WIllis; MSW; Andy; Joel; Sarah Zakowski



Fireplace on New Year's by MSW with her new camera!

Christmas morning, 2007: wearing new cozy slippers from Andy,
tiny red origami crane earrings from Lucille Willis,
and opening my brand new camera from Joel!







Cousin Harley Beall & Lucille Willis in Ohio, December 2007


Thanksgiving Weinberger-Cavanagh in Clinton, CT

Thanksgiving at Ellens-- Foreground, left to right: Ellen, Nathan, Joel, Greg, MSW             Joel and his cousin and age-mate Leah Weinberger



We visited Joel & Sarah in San Francisco...


Photo by Andy after biking over the Golden Gate Bridge                                             Sarah, Joel, MSW, Andy

Andy helping people                                                                MSW & Andy at M.H. De Young Museum Tower

MSW in the Pacific





Joel's Graduation: Memorial Day Week-end 2007




Joel and Sarah                                 MSW, Joel, Andy

Graduation day feet              Ellen, Sarah, Joel, Greg, MSW,, Bethany, Andy, Jon (hidden)

Linda and Ken Schreiber

Tak and Chiaki Achiwa                          Housemate graduates: Melanie, Seb, Joel

Harvey, Joel, Adrianne                        Ethan Schreiber, Vanessa, MSW, Andy, Joel



Sal Santaniello Award Presented by
Ethical Culture Society of Essex County to MSW May 19, 2007


Andy Weinberger, MSW looking like the cat that swallowed the canary.


Bob Bender, Boe Meyerson, Gloria Torrice

Tricia Idrobo, Betty Levin, Marty Cotler

Special Singers: Patty Bender, Lisa Novemsky, Rosalie Sussman, Barbara Cotler,
Barbara Heisler Williams, Lorraine Graves, Audrey Rowe




Chiaki sings at Ethical Culture, 5-13-07, Jim Harrington Accompanying





Joel's Final Tap Performance and
his Tap Group at Brown, "What's On Tap?"




Joel played on the Computer Science softball team too-- before he shaved!





1-15-07, Hoboken, New Jersey: Kazuyo Nishihara (Chiaki's mother), Takeshi, Chisato Nishihara (Chiaki's younger sister),
MSW, ABW, Joel, Sarah, Chiaki, Kotaro (Chiaki's brother) and Rino Nishihara, and Shintaro (Chiaki's other brother) Nishihara.


Latest in Bird Poses: Taxicab, January 2007


MSW Hilltop School Mendham, NJ


Christmas 2006


Top, Left to right, Takeshi &Chiaki in "King" hats; Joel & Sarah; bottom, left to right: Molly Gilman, Alice Robinson-Gilman, MSW




Rheumatologist of the year 2006--Arthritis Foundation honors Andy at their Gala.
Top, left to right, MSW, Joel & Andy; Andy at the podium.
Second row, Sarah Zakowski and Joel leaving Gala; MSW & Andy at table. Happy, Happy!




Berea College, November 10, 2006   
Appalachian Heritage Reading


Crystal Wilkinson & fans; Jeff Mann



MSW, Jeff, Crystal about to read


           Taxicab on Cuisinart                                Taxi Up Close and Out of Focus                          Taxi in sunshine....


Takeshi Achiwa, Joel, Chiaki Achiwa
at the Caffe Reggio in NYC Fall 2006



End of summer--Good-bye Lake Buel!



Bonding with Budgie: August 2006





July 2006

Andy and MSW on the roof of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. July 7, 2006.



June, 2006

The Black and White Salon of the Women Read Women Book Group. Top left, Lorraine Gravesand Deborah Davis, author of Party of the Century; then Lorraine and Helene, group members, MSW and Andy, guests, then Ellen Greenfield, Ben Willliams, and Barbara Heisler Williams with masks! June 24, 2006



Taxicab takes over: July 2006




Mary Sciaino introduced MSW at reading for kids at the Goat, South Orange, May 13, 2006.
Audience included kids from 2 to twelve and adults of all ages. Good clean fun!






Winter 2005-2006


Andy at Lake Buel-- Weinberger cottage is right center set back in trees




Sarah and Joel, Tired

Takeshi and Chiaki Achiwa, Christmas, 2005

Holidays at the Willis-Weinbergers: Sarah Zakowski, Joel, MSW,
Takeshi Achiwa, Chiaki Achiwa, Lucille Willis, Andy, Yasuko Oishi (Tak's aunt)






Joel & Sarah Thanksgiving 2005



Jonathan Cavanagh and Greg Cavanagh
(Joel's cousins) Thanksgiving 2005




Achiwa family and MSW October 2005


Joel and Sarah, 10-15-05





Andy, Joel, MSW in Florence, January, 2005





MSW with first graders, Warren Street School, Newark, New Jersey, December 2004






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