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Manuscript Consultations with Meredith Sue Willis


Meredith Sue Willis, author of twenty books of fiction and nonfiction and Assistant Professor of Creative Writing at New York University's School of Professional Studies, offers consultations on a limited number of manuscripts of prose narrative (novels, short stories, memoir, and so on). She will make general responses and suggestions about story, structure, characters, dialogue, etc., and will include limited notes in the text as she reads. This is not, however, an editing service. There are excellent editing and book doctor services available (see the Resources for Writers page on this web site); nor is it a coaching service extending over weeks or months. This is, rather, a manuscript consultation service for one reading of a manuscript of the agreed upon length with hard copy notes and a hard copy response.

Think carefully about what it is that you are looking for: if you have difficulties with, for example, the English language, you probably want an editor. If you need weekly consultations and support, you almost certainly need a writing coach. If, however, you are looking for an experienced writer and teacher who knows some things about how to make novels and other prose narratives better, then consider MSW's services.

The fees and services are below. MSW takes only a limited number of projects as she teaches and has her own books to write. If you are interested, get in touch with her by email at with a description of your project and what you think you could get from this service.

To learn more about MSW, her teaching career, and her books, see her biography, her resumé, and her publication page.

Good luck with your writing!




The fees include the following services and expectations:

Meredith Sue Willis will read a cleanly typed, double-spaced, single-sided, hard copy of a prose manuscript of the agreed upon number of pages. The font should be no smaller than Times New Roman 12 point, and the margins should be at least one inch on all sides.

You must enclose proper return postage affixed to a mailer for the return of the manuscript.

MSW will write a single-spaced letter of at least one page with reactions to and suggestions for your manuscript. She will also write limited comments in the text and margins of the manuscript. E-mail follow-up for clarity and questions is included in the fee.



The fees do NOT include:

Line editing. There will be no line editing. This is a manuscript consultation service that provides conceptual suggestions rather than line editing or re-writing.

Specific marketing advice. MSW does not give specific marketing advice.

Coaching. MSW does not do coaching over extended periods of time.

Services other than those outlined above. All services included are described above.




There is a $200 minimum.

For longer works, the fee is $3.00 a page for the services above. Thus, a short story (under 25 pages) would be $200; a 60 page longstory would be $200; a 90 page novella would be $270; 150 manuscript pages would be $450; 200 pages would be $600; 400 pages would be $1200, and so on.

For comparison, a typical double spaced page in Times New Roman 12 point with one inch margins has about 350 words. Thus a 200 page manuscript is approximately 70,000 words and would cost $600; a 400 page manuscript would have approximately 140,000 words and cost $1200.

The fee is for a manuscript prepared as above, with full return postage and mailer provided. It must be paid in full in advance by personal check made out to Meredith Sue Willis. There will be no cash refunds. A post office box will be provided upon agreement about the project.


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