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New Writing Exercise 4-27-16

Karin Abarbanel, in her blog Karin Writes Dangerously, features notes from a workshop I gave in April, 2016. Thanks, Karin! Bookmark her blog for lots of excellent writing tips.

MSW 4-26-16E-books by Meredith Sue Willis

Self-publishing costs according to Reedsy, (a clearing house forPublishing Services)

For Fun: NYTimes Fake (sort of) obituary for Wm. Shakespeare

April is National Poetry Month-- Sign up for a Poem-a-Day

Are you thinking of writing for young adults? How old is a "young adult?" Do you know about "NewAdult" novels? See links on Articles for Writers page.

The Hamilton Stone Review # 34 Spring 2016

Poetry by Mary Carroll-Hackett, Darrell Epp, Roy Frisvold, Abiigail George, Allison Goldston, Joseph Harms, Halvard Johnson,Richard Jones, Jenna Kelly, Sandra Kolankiewicz, Stephanie Porven,Charles Rafferty,Emily Ransdell, Barry Seiler,Chumki Sharma, and Richard Spilman; Fiction by Nancy Barnes, Ruth Charney, Jan Clausen, Beverly Gologorsky, Gary Schlesinger, and Josephine Wright.

New Issue of Books for Readers # 183: Hilton Obenzinger, Donna Meredith, Howard Sturgis, Tom Rob Smith, Daniel José Older, Elizabethe Vigée-Lebrun, Veronica Sicoe, Henry James, and more!

Updated Biography  of Meredith Sue Willis--including an old news photo from 1968 when I was part of the anti-war sit-ins at Columbia University.

Updated Information on bringing Meredith Sue Willis to your book group, library, or school.

Links to articles especially for writers and A Journal of Practical Writing.

A sobering and fascinating summary of publishing in 2016.  It includes this sentence: "There are these days about as many uncredentialed walk-ons in our literary fiction as there are walk-ons in major league baseball." -- Gerald Howard   

An old essay now online: "Writing Out of the Region,"Appalachian Journal, Volume 18, Number 3, Spring 1991 (University Hall, Appalachian State University, Boone, NC 28608)



Read Reviews of Meli's Way

Meli's Way Book Cover Image


Valerie Nieman on Meli's Way


Meli's Way on YA Books Central


Midwest Bookwatch/Children's Bookwatch
Ed Davis Blog

Meli's Way is now an e-book for Kindle and other formats!
Ed Davis Blog
For more information, or to buy, visit the publisher's web page. The book is also, of course, available online at amazon and Barnes & Noble.
  Contact Montemayor Press

Forbes Magazine says so (also The Irish Times, Time, and others): Neurotic obsessions use the same part of the brain as creativity!

The case for keeping your novel short. This writer says 80,000 is the publishing standard, and it's just fine with her. For more articles of interest to writers, click here.

Appalachia Now Book Cover ImageAnthology of contemporary Appalachian fiction called Appalachia Now: Short Stories of Contemporary Appalalchia from Bottom Dog Press—and I'm honored to have a story inside it alongside Darnell Arnoult, Marie Manilla, Charles Dodd White, Rusty Barnes, Mark Powell, Chris Holbrook, Chris Offutt, and many others!





Irene Weinberger Books

Scholarly article on Oradell at Sea: “A life of ‘Unfinished Business’: Cursed Inheritance and Blessed Heritage in Meredith Sue Willis’s Oradell at Sea” by Sarah Dufaure in Thy Truth Then Be Thy Dowry: Questions of Inheritance in American Women’s Literature, Stéphanie Durrans (ed.), Newcastle, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2014, pp. 199-211.


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